Thursday, 11 July 2013

Work Wear - How I Did It

It has been a long hard few weeks! I have been working as a Junior Press Officer for The House Group PR company based in Guildford as work experience. I really have been "working nine to five" (five thirty to be precise) as Dolly Parton (my birthday pal - just saying but is 50 years my senior) would sing.
As it was a professional office environment, the dress code was smart casual and as promised I (actually my mum or brother - explains the out of focus photos) took photos of my week's outfits.
Hair and Make-Up

I kept my hair and make-up fairly simple this week to look smart but professional.
I used No7 foundation, Boots lip balm, Rimmel blusher and eyebrow pencil, 17 powder, MAC concealer, Primark (I know... it's bad) eyeliner and Body Shop mascara.
I didn't really wear any jewellery this week, other than my earrings (gold studs in the first and second and a silver hoop in my helix) but I did always have my trusty (it came to New York and back with me) Topshop handbag. The bag comes with an attachable long strap but unless I use the bag for a long day, I don't use the strap.

My hair looks strange in this one but I am wearing Kurt Geiger shoes, Primark jeans, vest and chiffon shirt and H&M blazer.

I am wearing Primark chiffon top, New Look jeans and I wore Primark ballet pumps.
Unfortunately on Wednesday and  Thursday I was unable to get photos of what I was wearing but I'll give you the details below and once I am able to I will update the post with the pictures

I wore Kurt Geiger shoes, Primark black jeans jeans and cardigan and Topshop chiffon shirt.


Primark black jeans (previously pictured) , H&M top, Topshop floral shirt, Primark ballet pumps


Topshop shirt, Uniform Shop Dress and Primark ballet pumps 
Ideally, as I want to work in fashion journalism in the future, I would have liked to be more adventurous with my outfits this week but I felt neither over nor under dressed for work this week and most importantly I looked (hopefully) professional. Hopefully, if another work experience opportunity arises, I'll be able to post "what I wore" for a different environment.
Most importantly, I hope my pictures from this week have given you some inspiration of how to tackle a smart-casual dress code.
Top photo is not mine