Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Kerrie Luft

For my Textiles AS exam project, based on the art nouveau movement, I researched an amazing shoe designer, Kerrie Luft, as a critical study to help me with my design ideas.
Art Nouveau inspired collection
 Luft is a Luton born British footwear designer and a London College of Fashion and University College Northampton graduate, who in 2011 won the Fashion Fringe Accessories Platform which allowed her to embark on a 6 month internship at Roger Viver’s head office in Paris. While she was studying for her degree, she spent much of her free time at the Northampton Museum of Shoes while working on probation at Lulu Guinness and Patrick Cox.
How amazing are these?
Luft is said to gain her design ideas through her love of fusing technology with nature, and likes to incorporate architecture, furniture and 3D elements into her design. For all of Kerrie Luft’s shoes collections, her sole influence has been stylised floral and natural form imagery in the style of art nouveau. This is seen in the main feature of her shoes is the heels, where her designs can be seen to be heavily influenced by the Art Nouveau floral designs and style of drawing. This results in a very feminine yet modern design.  In an interview with Vogue magazine, she tells them how she creates her delicate titanium heels.
Kerrie Luft (left)
"I create the heels using computerised technology -  it's a prototype that's previously only been used in aerospace and dentistry" she tells us. "I use a 3-d software package which creates a design through layering the titanium heel. I came across the process while at university, and it made me realise the potential of using it in footwear. I wanted the design to look fluid and elegant and the technology helps to achieve that".
Who could resist these?
I don't know about you but I would die for a pair of Luft's heels, that were previously on sale in Selfridges (18th Birthday present maybe?) as I love the unique take on a classic pair of court and occasion shoes. Let me know your thoughts!
Luft's fashion drawings
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