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Lauren Conrad - Why She Gets It Right

I love reality shows. The first reality show that I got hooked on was MTV's The Hills when I was about 11 or 12. I used to come home from school and immediately switch it on at 4pm. I don't know what it was about it. Perhaps it was the glamour of LA, the wealth and prosperity that I have dreamed of for years is why I fell in love with it.
Heidi, Audrina, Lauren and Whitney (left to right) on the Cover of Rolling Stones
But the one cast member who I, from a young age, admired the most was Lauren Conrad, who had also starred in MTV's Orange County whilst in High School. To me she always had impeccable taste in fashion, grooming, friends and boyfriends. In her book Style she quotes "I dressed myself for 5 years - and never repeated an outfit once." which to me seems very impressive. As with all reality shows, as a viewer, you never seem to know when a storyline is real or constructed, but to me that didn't matter. I got to see people with amazing taste (probably helped by a large salary) living a life that they loved.
So after I had read all of Lauren's novels when they had been published (they are actually surprisingly good) when her books Style and Beauty were published I knew I had to get my hands on them. They have been my fashion and beauty bibles since!
Beauty and Style
I have always been quite a safe dresser -  I like to follow fashion trends but I know when things will not suit me and Lauren also sticks with this rule. Style covers all areas of dressing, finding the styles that suit you, the art of successful shopping, accessories, beauty and lifestyle. If I'm having a day when I cannot think what I could possibly wear (even though I am lucky enough to have a wardrobe full of clothes) I refer to this book. It is always on my bedside table and if I have an event coming up, I will be sure to re-read the relevant chapters.
Guide to Shopping Chapter
Again, like with my styling I have always tended to stay reasonably safe when it comes to my beauty routine. Obviously we all have our slip up (blue eye shadow) and I even went through a two year stage between the ages of 13 and 15 when I would dye my dark blonde hair a very dark brown. Luckily I have now found that a light to mid blonde hair colour suits me best, although I am constantly tempted to dye it darker colours which always end badly (I had a week of dark blonde hair with a tinge of green last year) and I have a make-up look sorted for my week (school and my part-time job at Kurt Geiger).
I need one of these beanies
Yet Beauty has every single hair, make-up, skin care, you name it tip you will ever need and even if you feel comfortable with your routine, it is still a buy well worth it. In most sections there are step-by-step instructions with accurate photos which are unbelievably helpful (especially when I'm trying a new look out) are a clearly explained.
Perfect Everyday Make-up
The books, written by Lauren with advice from her stylists and hair and make-up artists, aren't there to make you feel inadequate but they genuinely set out to help people make the most out of themselves, whatever setting or situation they're in. All I can say is that I advise you to buy these books ASAP as they will also turn into your fashion and beauty bibles.
You can buy both Style and Beauty from Amazon, Waterstones , WH Smiths and other retailers
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